Digital finds from around the web

Here are some excellent resources to add to your reading pile. Some are free to download and in the public domain. Some have been created by independent authors and are available for sale. Please explore and come on back here if you find a treasure that you need printed.

Global Grey Books

This website has a fascinating collection of formatted public domain PDFs. You are free to download and use them, but consider giving a donation if you are using the site and wish to support it. They have something for everyone with several categories to explore.

Healing Era E-guide

The Little House on the Mountain blog has created a digital bundle to help you start on your journey to natural healing.

From the website:

Welcome to the Entering Your Healing Era Ultimate E-Guide Bundle.  Empower yourself with our transformative program designed to guide you into your healing era. Our wisdom based approach provides a calm step-by-step method to nurture body, soul, and spirit, addressing key areas like environment, toxins, diet, spiritual healing, nervous system wellness, sleep patterns, overcoming bad habits and patterns, and regulating hormones. Our dietary approach is based on nourishment rather than deprivation (animal based ancestral diet). Through a holistic focus on wellness, you’ll uncover the tools needed to embark on a journey of peeling back the layers to the core root of dis-ease and dysregulation. This guide is based on my own journey of walking through and out of decades of chronic illnesses, anxiety, & suffering. My goal is to save you the years of research and deep learning curves that I had to walk through, with a comprehensive and easy to follow self paced guide.  Peel back the layers of your well-being, advocating for your healing, and embrace a path towards your wellness era!