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Welcome to Cooper Family Printing!

These days, we have access to a myriad of resources for our family and our homeschool. Since the vast majority of those resources are available in digital format, they have become very affordable. Unfortunately, they also have a huge potential for landing in a graveyard of digital files on our computers and never actually getting used. Even if they do get printed, they often are hastily thrown in a 3-ring binder, which is awkward to use, and results in torn, lost pages.

Are you ready to actually use those amazing resources hidden in your files? I am now offering a customizable printing and binding service to help you make use of your PDFs. My printed books are particularly well suited to heavy use items, such as homeschool curriculum, planners, reference books, textbooks, cookbooks and more.

I also offer print on demand services for authors who want spiral bound books rather than the customary paperback or hardcover books. Reach out to me at for more info.

Here’s what you get

All my printed books have 20 lb. paper, unless they will have heavy use or are ink heavy, in whuch case I use 24 lb.  paper.

I offer black and white printing for 15 cents a page, and full-color printing for 20 cents a page. Please select the correct option when you add to cart.

Files are printed at 8 1/2 by 11 inches and double sided.

Each book will automatically be spiral bound with 10 mil laminated covers. You don’t have to pay extra for sturdy covers. They are standard.

If you have purchased one of my planners in the past, you can compare the durability. My customers are pleased to report that the thick covers and paper easily last a year. Imagine how helpful that would be for a child’s daily curriculum?

You may choose to use the title page in the file for your cover, or you can opt for a custom cover. I can design a cover for you with a colored, print background and a title. This is a great choice if you would like to label a child’s schoolbook, for example: Matthew’s Math 4th grade.

Please note that I am not offering a publishing and distributing service. I am simply turning your digital file into a durable, quality physical book for your own use. If you are an author, I can do print on demand for your customers. Please contact me to discuss what you will need.

Take a peek behind the scenes at some of the processes for making books.


How to Order

Once you have decided what file you would like printed and bound, you need to get a page count. If there are extra pages at the front and back, for example, ads, you can subtract those from the total page count. Your quantity at checkout needs to be the total page count you want printed. If you have a 100 page file, you will enter a quantity of 100 for a total of $12. Please remember that this total includes 10 mil covers, full color printing, and binding. Minimum price is $5.

You will need to send me your file during checkout.   I want to reassure you that I have full respect for digital ownership rights. I will also ask for any special instructions in an email. Please reply with custom cover instructions, page numbers you want left out, etc. I am accessible to you throughout the process. You aren’t working with a big company, hoping someone will see your requests for help. I fill your order from start to finish and am happy to help you get the book you want.


“Heidi is amazing. My go to girl for all my book projects. She is nice and kind with the sweetest heart. The service is exceptionally fast. Thanks darling..”

“Very professional. Highly qualified person in the service offered”

“Heidi was very easy to converse with about my project and the final product was perfect and very professional looking! I will definitely be using her again. Thank you again Heidi”


“Seller worked very fast and efficiently.”

“Heidi is very kind and nice. She delivers fast service. Thank you love. I plan to work with you again.”

“Absolutely a wonderful service and wish I would have found her at the beginning of grad school!!!”

“What a great experience! Will use again for larger projects, and hopefully leave huge tips as things grow. • Communicated very well • Over delivered with a back cover • Finished the project way sooner than expected • Beautiful product • Kind and trustworthy Thank you! Hope to work with you again soonest! 🙂 Light”

“I cannot say enough positive things about this creator! At every level, she exceeds expectations. She is my favorite creator to work with as a repeat client. I look forward to working with her again & again!”

“Highly recommend, will definitely use her again!”


You can contact me at any time, before or after placing an order by sending me an email at Please reference printing and binding service in the subject line. Thanks!



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