Handy Farm Devices and How to Make them


Published 1909, 294 pgs, spiral bound



We think of homesteading as a rather modern practice, but farmers a hundred years ago had some pretty amazing ideas. Rather than head to their local feed store for a tool or equipment, they figured out how to solve problems with materials they already had. This nearly 300 page book published in 1912 is full of interesting ideas to help you solve problems around the home and farm. Since many of the projects are not detailed step by step instructions, a level of experience in building things will be helpful. The range of difficulty goes from beginner to advanced. The book is heavily illustrated to help you visualize what you are trying to achieve.
Here are some of the projects found inside.

  • Chicken feeder and waterer
  • Homemade anvil
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Cabbage cutter
  • Concrete work
  • Smokehouse
  • Wooden gates
  • Dumb waiter
  • Folding table
  • Bee hive
  • Grain bins
  • Hotbeds
  • Cold frames
  • Milking stool
  • Saw horses
  • Water filter
  • Pedal power washing machine
  • and much more…


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