The Honey Bee


spiral bound, 145 pages, printed in gray scale for clarity


This apiculture manual was published by the USDA in 1899. It has lots of text and illustrations.

Table of Contents:

  • Classification of the Honey Bee
  • Kinds of Bees composing a colony
  • Quieting and manipulating bees
  • Establishing an apiary
  • Hives and implements
  • Bee pasturage
  • Spring manipulation
  • Securing surplus honey and wax
  • Rearing and introducing queens
  • Increase of colonies
  • Wintering bees
  • Diseases and enemies of bees

The PDF I was able to source has the following disclaimer: Historic, archived document: Do not assume content reflects current scientific knowledge, policies, or practices.

Sounds like a good read to me!!


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